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How can Jade & Jules help you?

Jade & Jules finds quality matches for discerning single men, who are in control of their lives. People who are searching for a serious commitment and who value the expertise, extensive service, and elite network of Jade & Jules. Read all about our approach here.

To find the right match for them, we can tap into an extensive and growing network of single women, who are guests of Jade & Jules. We apply two different formulas, depending on whether you want to join as a private member or a guest.

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Private member at Jade & Julesonly for men

This service is solely available to men. Discerning singles who are in control of their lives and are interested in hiring a professional matchmaker with an innovative and unique, tailor-made approach. At Jade & Jules, you have your own dedicated matchmaker, with whom you keep in close contact. She gets to know you better and gains an insight into your values and wishes during a series of personal consultations and meetings. This enables her to refine the profile and search, with the right information to hand.

After meeting with a potential love interest, you give us extensive feedback and vice-versa, to help us fine-tune our tailor-made approach if and where necessary.

Membership: For more information about our exclusive matchmaking services, please fill in your details below. Jade & Jules will always protect your personal information and any details provided to us will never, under any circumstances, be shared.

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Guest at Jade & Julesonly for women

Do you long to meet a special man with self-leadership? When you register as a female guest of Jade & Jules, completely free of charge, you will be part of our private network in full confidence. If your profile matches one of our male private members, we will contact you for an in-depth screening to assess your interests, personality and intentions. Only with your agreement, we will share your profile to the male candidate that suits you, Does it seem like a promising match to both of you? We organize a meeting and only then you become a member of the exclusive private guest network of Jade & Jules for € 500 (excl. VAT) per year.

In addition to possible matches, you will be regularly invited to exclusive events, such as webinars with special guest speakers and relationship coaches, and we let you enjoy unique gastronomic and cultural surprises.

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