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Meet Véronique Van Eesbeeck. Our new Experienced Matchmaker.


Meet Véronique Van Eesbeeck.
Our new Experienced, Multilingual Matchmaker.

We are delighted to introduce you to Veronique, our new and highly experienced and trilingual matchmaker, who brings a global perspective to the world of love, matchmaking and relationships.

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International Experience

Veronique’s journey in matchmaking spans multiple countries, making her a true international expert. Her extensive Matchmaking experience all over Europe has given her a unique understanding of diverse cultures and dating dynamics. Multilingual Expertise One of Veronique’s standout qualities is her multilingual proficiency. She is fluent in multiple European languages, which allows her to bridge communication gaps and connect with clients from around the world. Veronique’s ability to speak English, French, and Dutch amongst others, ensures that language is never a barrier in your journey to finding love.

An Investment in Quality and Growth

We made the decision to hire Veronique because at Jade & Jules, we are dedicated to investing in quality and growth. Veronique represents the embodiment of our dedication to providing the highest level of matchmaking services to our clients. Her international experience and linguistic talents align perfectly with our vision for expanding our reach and serving a diverse clientele. Veronique is really dedicated to helping you find the perfect partner.

We’re excited to have her on our team at Jade & Jules, working with Nathalie Linotte and myself. With our passion and hard work, we’re all set for great success.

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