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Join our Team. Jade & Jules is looking for a Personal Matchmaker


Jade & Jules is looking for a Personal Matchmaker


Jade & Jules assists confident single men on their quest for a soulmate. We set to work, offering an individual tailor- made approach, professional advice and one- on- one coaching to find that perfect match for the clients. The Jade & Jules team is discreet, good at reading people and trained in Personal Matchmaking. We combine all these skills with a professional, principled and personal approach.

Our Personal Matchmaking agency offers a tailored, discreet and professional search and selection service to assist in the quest for our members’ perfect match.

The Belgian office of Jade & Jules is founded and managed by Annemieke Dubois who has a wealth of experience in the world of Entrepreneurship, Personal Matchmaking, headhunting and HR. The Belgian office serves the entire Belgian market.

Jade & Jules benefits from a widespread global network among which to search for the members’ perfect partner.

We offer an exclusive Matchmaking service tailored to the needs and wishes of our members.

A career as Personal Matchmaker at Jade & Jules will challenge you to achieve your very best.

I train, develop and support you; rewarding your successes and creating opportunities for you to progress. All you need is the entrepreneurship, empathy, ability, desire, passion, drive and determination to succeed.

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Job description

You develop an in-depth knowledge of our existing members to ensure that together we fully understand them and know exactly what they’re looking for.

You interview new members, get a full understanding of their motivation, their values, who they are and what they’re looking for.

You will be the professional, empathic and discrete contact person of your clients through the whole process of intake, introduction, follow-up and feedback in the matchmaking process.

You network and spread the Jade & Jules philosophy in targeted groups

You cooperate actively with the colleagues in order to present to their or our members the right introductions

You think and act as an entrepreneur, you have empathy, you are creative and proactive in finding opportunities to improve the service towards the members.

You search, find, interview and match suitable candidates who are thoroughly screened and selected based on their motivation and background.

You create a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere within the Jade & Jules group, based on sharing expertise, helping each other and focusing on your and the member’s well-being.

You support the further development/improvement of the CRM-system and the website.

Discretion and confidentiality are key to our members, and at the heart of our business philosophy.


Who we are looking for

You think and act as an entrepreneur. Empathy is your crucial entrepreneurial skill. Drive, passion, you make things happen.

Proven experience in Headhunting or Experienced Recruitment Specialist in a business driven environment.

Experience as a Personal Matchmaker or relationship coach is an asset

Leadership skills: Previous leadership coaching experience.

Trilingual in Dutch, French and English

Stress resistant and capacity to work under pressure and challenge others, Time Management is crucial.

Emotional Intelligence: Integrity, power of empathy, discretion and honesty.

Listening is for you the most important aspect of communication

Strong communication and influence skills

Experience of working with Belgian, European or international people.

High levels of building relationships in diverse cultures

We believe having a solid work-life balance creates a healthy lifestyle and inspires creativity.

Freelance status with career possibilities.



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