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Finding your soulmate in a pandemic: Jade & Jules are changing the matchmaking game



At the end of September, successful singles who are looking for a loving and lasting relationship can turn to the new Belgian matchmaking agency Jade & Jules. Rather than creating another dating agency, the founders of Jade & Jules have devised a completely new, tailor-made, and unique concept, offering single men a professional, personalised service and a personal experience. And yes, single women also reap the rewards…

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New matchmaking concept in Belgium

Jade & Jules founders Annemieke Dubois and Aida Heerman, who both have years of national and international experience in personal matchmaking and human resources, realised that in recent times men and women alike are more than ever looking to find a real connection and lasting love. In times of crisis, people tend to get back to basics, focusing on things that make them really happy, namely sharing a connection and intimacy with the right partner, who is on the same wavelength.

In practice, men are generally less inclined to rely on matchmakers to find their soulmate, which explains the acute lack of single men in national and international dating agencies. As a result, the experience is frustrating and hopeless for both parties. But that is where Jade & Jules can make a difference.

At Jade & Jules, Annemieke and Aida work with men only, to find the right match for them. Men who pride themselves on self-leadership and who are looking for a serious commitment, who are able to value the expertise, full service, and network of the personal matchmakers at Jade & Jules, are in good hands.

Successful approach

Annemieke and Aida can tap into an extensive network of singles, which is growing exponentially on a daily basis. What’s more, the dating world holds no secrets for them. Plus, they guarantee discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Both Annemieke and Aida have years of experience as entrepreneurs, specialising in matchmaking for businesses and personal matchmaking. They speak the language of business, and of people. They offer a personalised approach, always starting with a detailed interview, analysis, and intake, preferably in the client’s home, during which they take the time to find out more about the client’s expectations and his views on relationships. All these elements significantly increase a man’s chances of finding a successful match through Jade & Jules. They take care of every aspect of the date and provide excellent follow-up afterwards. At Jade & Jules, they go the extra mile to organise your date!

Women are equally welcome

Women, however, are not left to their own resources under this new approach. On the contrary. While men are the clients, women are the guests. VIP guests, in fact, because there are plenty of women out there who are also searching for a lasting relationship. They often register on various dating sites and with dating agencies. Yet in many cases, they find the experience underwhelming. Jade & Jules already has a large network of remarkably diverse single women, who are ready to commit and have the right intentions. At the same time, Annemieke and Aida are always on the lookout for potential successful new matches. Other single women with the right intentions are also more than welcome.

From corona to connection

On a final note, for those wondering why the founders chose to establish a new matchmaking agency in these pandemic times, of social bubbles, face coverings and limited physical contact, the answer is simple: we all miss real intimacy. We were all forced to self-isolate, are unable to travel or attend events. The pandemic drove our lives online, alienating us from others, but above all from ourselves. People feel the need to feed their hunger for (skin) contact more than ever, looking for a connection and real intimacy. We want to get back to the essence. A view that ties in perfectly with Jade & Jules’s vision of the future.

We are more than ever prepared to invest in lasting relationships. Something that Jade & Jules take very seriously indeed. Because real love is serious business.

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